AquaWars Development Diary – Week 3

So it is the end of the third week. Unfortunately life has thrown a couple of obstacles in the way, meaning I did not get as much done thus week as I wanted to. On Sunday I got a stomach virus that made it quite difficult to work on anything, and the next two days I ended up working on a separate project. Thursday I had my four wisdom teeth removed, which wasn’t that bad other than the hours of having your face and tounge numb, along with changing out bloody gauze pads every twenty minutes.

I did work on a few things though, and have decided to set a finite deadline for the game, mainly to help me figure out where and when I need to get things done. My goal is to release the game on May 31st, 2012. I know that sounds a bit ambitious, but I think it is possible. It is also counting on a fairly short review time with Apple, but hopefully that won’t be a problem.

So on to the progress for this week. I began working on character dialogue displays, which is how the story will be told. They are far from complete, but they are loaded in from the level files and text is displayed on screen. They will be fully complete by next week. Explosions are also in the game and look quite nice. Subs also have bubble particle trails, but I am currently having an issue with cocos2d’s coordinate system misbehaving when I scroll the screen, so they still need a little work.

I have not created the first boss yet, but I have my thoughts. I will probably end up sketching some ideas later today. The first boss will look the most “normal” in comparison to the other bosses, as it will be a large submarine that fires torpedos and only has certain weak points. Later bosses will have more complex and strange weaponry.

That is all for this week, next week should have a bit more content to discuss!