AquaWars Development Diary – Week 4

Here we are again, yet another week has gone by. This week was a lot more productive, but I still feel that I could’ve done better. I guess that is Just part of being an indie developer.

20120505-215855.jpgThis week I began to work on some of the in game menus. The main reason I did this is because I often leave the out-of-game UI till last and end up throwing something together at the last minute to try and
get it out the door. Not the case this time. Here you can see the end level recap screen.

I also created the level select scene, but it is still a work in progress. I have decided though that there will be 6 “zones” per level. Think like Sonic, where you have 2 she’s that vary a bit, then a boss level. That is similar to how it will work in AquaWars.

Speaking of bosses, I began working on the first boss this week, but it is far from complete. The “idea” of the boss is there but I haven’t nailed down the look yet. Essentially it is a super submarine that introduces torpedo’s into the game. After the first boss torpedo’s will be found on various smaller ships.

I almost forgot, the primary thing I worked on this past week: power ups! So far all but the slow mo power up are implemented from the first game. I have improved the display of them and added the most requested feature: power up stacking! Yes, you can now have all the power ups active and not worry about picked up a new one that overrides your shield and gets your ship destroyed. So there you have it. One month down.