Amounts 3.0 🎉

Amounts 3.0 has been released after many years of no updates! Amounts 3.0 is a complete rewrite of the app from the ground up to use the latest technologies, and be adaptable and easily upgradable. I already have many updates planned for it in the coming months.

To start, Amounts 3 keeps the same simple premise of being a manual, personal expense tracker. Entering transactions is the core of the app and it retains its ability to quickly enter in data so that tracking your expenses is never a burden. Quick actions from the app icon let you jump straight into the create transaction screen, where you can type the amount, tap on a category and be on your way. Enter in a description if you want to have incredible search capabilities with the full text search. Add in images if you want to keep transaction receipts. New in Amounts 3, you can now store up to 5 images per transaction, add them from your camera or from your photos directly.

iCloud sync has been integrated into the core of Amounts 3 to allow you to use amounts on any Apple device and keep them all in sync. Coming soon is a dedicated Mac version, as well as an improved iPad interface, as well as Amounts on your Apple Watch.

A full feature roadmap is coming soon, but I can also announce that in the works is the first update which introduces budgets for categories!