How to enable developer mode on Apple Vision Pro

Just brought home your Apple Vision Pro and are ready to start developing? Well hold on a second – the process for setting it up isn’t super clear and doesn’t exist anywhere in Apple’s documentation that I could find. The steps are pretty simple, but you will be jumping back and forth between the headset and your mac.

  1. Connect both devices to the same wifi network
  2. On Vision Pro: Settings > General > Remote Devices
  3. On Mac: Xcode -> Devices & Simulators -> Select your Vision Pro & enter the code
  4. On Mac: Run a build targeted at your vision pro device which should now be a run destination (The developer mode isn’t visible until you do this), you will get an error saying developer mode is not enabled.
  5. On Vision Pro: Privacy & Security > Developer Mode

After that your Apple Vision Pro will reboot and you will be ready for development!