RocketChimp Update Coming

An update to Rocket Chimp is nearly ready to be submitted. This update will be more of a technical update, including many new iOS 5 features. It will add iCloud support for syncing high scores and achievements between your devices. Also it will use the new Twitter integration to make tweeting much easier, no longer requiring you to log-in inside of the app.

Also, instead of getting it ad-free for two weeks you can now get the game completely free just by tweeting the #rocketchimp hashtag from inside the app! This update should be coming no later than next week.

DoneIt for iPhone Brings Simple Task Management to iOS

Raleigh, North Carolina – Independent developer Swift Fox Software is announcing their newest iOS application, DoneIt for iPhone 2.0.0. DoneIt is a simple and intuitive task management application that allows for lightning fast list entry, simple organizational functions and will soon be enabled to use iCloud syncing in a free update.

Quick Update

So I have decided to push DoneIt back till next week. I am working on a promo video and it is taking a little longer than expected. Also with iOS 5 traffic bombing Apple’s servers I think a new app launch will be better off next week.

Long Time, No Update

So yet again I have not updated the site. This is going to change this time, for real.

In the past few weeks I have been working on an complete redesign of an old task management app I called DoneIt. It is now complete and will be released to the app store on Thursday. The app is available for iPhone only right now, but an iPad version is coming soon. When the iPad version is released it will support iCloud sync, which should be really cool. You can find out more about the app on I will post more information on the site once I have set up the app information page.

In other news, I am working on a new game. My goal is to finish by the end of October. More updates on this game will be coming later this week. For now I will tell you that it was inspired by Robotron 2084.

Another Feature From Down Under!

This time it is a bit bigger feature, now on the front page of the iPad App Store in the What’s Hot section in both Australia and New Zealand . Unfortunately no big feature in the US yet. Hopefully next week…

Rocket Chimp Featured!


Rocket Chimp has been featured in a few New & Noteworthy sections on the App Store! They are only viewable in iTunes and not actually on the device, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. The sections are iPad Family Games, iPad Action Games and iPhone Family Games.

Rocket Chimp Now Available!

My newest game Rocket Chimp is now available on the App Store! It is a free download, so what are you waiting for?

It is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch as a Universal binary. For more information, check out the app page here.

New Game Coming Soon

Well it has been a while yet again. Soon I will probably join the #idevblogaday waiting list so I can force myself to write more. Anyways, right now I am working on a new game that is a quick pick-up and play game akin to TargetTap.

One game mode, one leaderboard, and a bunch of achievements. I will be needing beta testers soon so if you would like to beta test and have an iOS device just send me an email at

The one thing that will be different about this game in terms of marketing is that it will be available to download for free. I am trying out a very simple idea – give away a fun, free game with advertising in it and allow those that enjoy the game buy an in-app purchase for 99 cents to remove the ads. I know some people have tried it but I haven’t seen a ton of statistics on this kind of distribution. The game will also be Universal so if you buy the IAP on your iPhone you can play with no ads on iPad. I am hoping that I can get it up in the Free app charts between press releases, forum posts, Facebook/Twitter posts, Admob House ads in my other apps and using the news ticker that I implemented in TargetTap (Lite).

Unlike Aquawars I am actually going to try and create a marketing “blitz” at launch. Hopefully it will work and push it up the charts. Screenshots and other information on the game will be coming in the next week.

Slight Modifications

After some slight modifications I am actually starting to like this theme. I am probably just going to end up redesigning the landing page and the header and sticking with this theme. The blog text is now much cleaner and easier to read. That was my biggest gripe with the old design. Also the sidebar looks a whole lot better.

And with the addition of WordPress I get a whole bevy of new features. So overall it has been a win. Now I just have to transfer the app pages into WordPress pages and transfer the domain names to point to this server.