Moving to WordPress

Well I started this site 2 or so years ago as a simple site made in iWeb, mainly because I wanted some kind of web presence as soon as possible. Sometime after I began working on a PHP backend for the new site and it worked pretty well. The problem was that I never got around to actually implement proper blog features like pingbacks, rss feeds and a decent commenting system. So now I have decided to port my basic theme over to WordPress. I had originally wanted to create a whole new website for the WordPress theme but I decided just to keep it simple for the transition.

An all new site will be coming sometime next year, after I finish some iOS apps.

New Site Coming Soon!

I am working on a redesign of the Swift Fox Software site, it will be a pretty slow process but I think switching to WordPress will be worth it. My current site uses custom software I developed with PHP but it is becoming too much of a hassle to maintain and also is lacking features that would take too long to develop so the switch will let me get off of the web development focus and instead work on iOS stuff. I also bought this new domain ( which is much easier to type than the old

In other news I am awaiting my new new computer which I ordered last Friday but had to return because of its wobbly base. I really hope it comes tomorrow because I may have jury duty on Monday meaning I won’t get the package till Tuesday. But I will see what happens.