TargetTap Lite

TargetTap Lite



Version 1.70 is out Retina Display and iPad support! Split Screen multiplayer on iPad! 4 new game modes!
TargetTap is a simple yet addicting game. Just tap the red targets to see them pop and increase your score. Don't miss and red targets and avoid the blue and gold targets as they will lose you a life! What's your high score?
"It's addictive, uncomplicated, addictive, and sleek. Did I mention it's addictive?" -
"TargetTap is perfect if you want to play a quick game or need a simple distraction. It's even better if you'd like to keep a little one entertained." -

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  1. Noam

    Hey Jason,

    I am a huge fan of Swift Fox Software, my favorite app is โ€œTarget Tap Lite.โ€ The other day I updated to ios 11 and was disappointed to find out I could no longer play this gem. I do realize the last update was 4 years ago; Would you please consider updating it to be compatible with ios 11.

    Best wishes,



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